Enterprises that value privacy and security choose Syndica.
Brave Browser chose Syndica to power their RPC infrastructure - here's why.
The Brave Browser is a fast, private, and secure web browser for PC, Mac, and mobile that blocks many advertisements and website trackers by default. 
Users can turn on optional ads that reward them for their attention in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which can be used as digital assets to make payments to registered websites and content creators. Users can store their tokens on their Brave Wallet, which connects to multiple blockchain networks.
Over the last few years, Brave Browser grew exponentially - it needed a new infrastructure provider that optimized for privacy and security.
They asked around the ecosystem, and were recommended Syndica.
We had heard great things from other partner projects that were using the Syndica infrastructure.
James Mudgett
VP of Web3
Brave uses Syndica to power its in-browser Solana wallet.
Brave Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet built directly into the Brave browser, enabling a faster, safer, and more user-centric Web3 experience.
With Brave Wallet, users can:
  • Buy, sell, and store both Solana (SOL) and fungible Solana tokens (SPL) in Brave Wallet
  • Swap Solana tokens with the built-in DEX aggregator
  • View and manage Solana NFT collections with the built-in NFT gallery
All of these on-chain activities use Syndica infrastructure to read and write data on the Solana blockchain using RPC calls and WebSockets connections. The Brave Wallet experiences a >99.99% success rate on as many as 500 calls per second it makes to the Syndica endpoint.
Privacy and security are paramount to Brave.
Solana api graphic
Syndica was the solution.
Syndica was able to deliver quickly on Two-Factor Authentication and work with us on optimizing for our privacy requirements.
James Mudgett
VP of Web3
Syndica offers best-in-class privacy and security.
  • User Management (RBAC i.e. Role-Based Access Control)
  • Key-Token exchange to protect you from token theft
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: User's ability to use MFA to login to the Syndica platform
  • Stack-Specific Access Tokens: Manage permissions and segment data by generating access tokens for each stack. Precisely control access by specifying the life of each token
  • Signed verifiable responses to ensure data authenticity
Syndica has the most feature-rich product suite.
  • Custom Log Retention: customize log retention periods based on privacy preferences and data policies
  • Active Account Monitoring (we let you know if there’s any easily identifiable issues with your RPC or WS calls)
  • Advanced Filtering and Search to trace RPC calls and perform cohort analysis
  • Detailed and Structured Logs provide ultimate visibility. Easily debug your program and understand RPC request-level data
  • Specialized APIs such as ChainStream
  • Elastically scalable RPC infrastructure
Syndica provided a smooth transition process.
The Syndica team listened to our needs.
Since switching to Syndica,
Things are calm and that's good.
James Mudgett
VP of Web3
Switching to Syndica gave the Brave team peace of mind.
Syndica Uptime
of RPC calls per second
of TBs of data transfer

Elastic Nodes
The ‘AWS’ equivalent for web3: Enterprises can scale on autopilot. Elastic nodes intelligently route requests so that infrastructure is autonomously managed.
Developer APIs
Developer APIs like our Chainstream API allow users to get the fastest real-time updates of on-chain activity by subscribing to Block, Transaction, and Slot Updates.
Logs and Analytics
Sift through RPC request data at-a-glance and get to know your audience using detailed views of customer-level logs and analytics.
We've seen a 95% drop in incident reports since switching to Syndica.
James Mudgett
James Mudgett
VP of Web3
The world's top enterprises demand the best in infrastructure.
When it comes to the privacy and security of their application, engineers at Brave are able to rest easy knowing Syndica has their back.
Syndica provides best-in-class RPC node infrastructure so that you can build your enterprise, leaving the rest to us. Our service is specifically designed for high-volume enterprises and offers the customizability and dedicated support for seamless integration with Solana.
Syndica is the privacy and security-focused enterprise solution.

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