Stream transaction, slot, and block updates in real-time directly from the Solana validator.

Introducing ChainStream API

Subscribe to blockchain event notifications without developing a Geyser plugin.

Use ChainStream API to get real-time blockchain event notifications through an RPC PubSub WebSockets. Contact Syndica Support for beta access.

Diagram showing data streaming from the validator to an application

When real-time is mission-critical

The latest blocks, slot updates (whether they're processed, rooted, or confirmed), and real-time processed commitment-level transactions are streamed to your application for time-sensitive application features.

Transaction Notifications

Receive a notification anytime a transaction is processed by the validator. These transactions are at the “processed” commitment level - even before it has been confirmed by the cluster.

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Block Notifications

Receive a notification every time a new block is processed by the validator. Use this to trigger any processes that kick-off with the presence of a new block.

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Slot Updates

Receive a notification anytime a slot is updated by the validator. Use this to trigger processes that start depending on a slot’s status (processed, confirmed or rooted).

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