Scale your DApp on auto-pilot with our RPC nodes network.
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Reliable RPC

Using load-balancing and a network of fine-tuned RPC nodes, our infrastructure auto-scales with your DApp.

Fault-Tolerant Network

Our intelligent API gateway actively administers our RPC APIs to ensure low latency and high uptime.

Daily RPC Calls
Effortless scaling
Chart showing an increase in RPC calls
Network Uptime

Search detailed logs

Gain Ultimate Observability

Every RPC call and its responses are logged in the Syndica platform and available for analysis.

Advanced RPC node call logs
Search logs with syndica

Find a needle in the haystack

Advanced Filtering and Search

Precisely define your search parameters to surface the logs you're looking for.

Trace RPC calls

Advanced Filtering and Search

Perform extensive cohort analysis.

Search logs with syndica

The info you need, at-a-glance

View Detailed and Structured Logs

A streamlined UI makes each log easy to digest.

Detailed logs with Syndica
Syndica API Keys

Secure your DApp

Manage Access to your Infrastructure

Use API Keys to manage and separate access to every piece of your Syndica infrastructure.

Secure your DApp

Utilize Expiring API Keys

Use API Keys to manage and separate access to all your Stacks and resources.

Syndica API Keys

Get familiar with your users

Better Understand User Demographics

Use RPC data to get to know your audience.

Advanced RPC node call logs