Welcome to the Cloud of Web3
Syndica Cloud
RPC infrastructure and developer tools for highly scalable blockchains.

Fine-Tuned Resource Allocation

Allow Teams to Manage Resource Access

With our Stacks architecture, your teams can deploy infrastructure flexibly and independently.

Diagram showing how stacks separate resources
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// connect to syndica cloud in only a few lines of code


const web3 = require("@solana/web3.js");

let connection = new web3.Connection(

"https://solana-mainnet.api.syndica.io/api-token/<API TOKEN>/“, 'confirmed',


let slot = await connection.getslot();

ubuntu:~ user$

Get Started Quickly

A few lines of code instantly gets you access to scalable RPC node infrastructure, advanced logging, and actionable insights.

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No Single Point of Failure

Our RPC nodes network features load-balanced geographically distributed hardware that ensures the highest availability.

Welcome to the Cloud of Web3

Easily Scale DApps With Syndica Cloud

Your one-stop shop for all your Web3 and blockchain infrastructure needs.


Scale your DApp on auto-pilot with a highly scalable, infinitely reliable RPC nodes network.

Dedicated Nodes

Achieve the fastest connection times with a private node that's configured exclusively for you.

ChainStream API

Stream the latest transaction, slot, and block updates directly from the Solana validator in real-time.

App Deployments

Deploy your front-end application painlessly using Syndica’s new App Deployments feature.


Simplify blockchain data so your DApp can function seamlessly.


Leverage Syndica's simplified validator offering to build a robust network of decentralized nodes.