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True Observability Has Arrived

Get X-ray Vision Into Your DApp

Dissect your RPC request data at-a-glance.

Developer Tools That Just Work

Get More From Your Infrastructure Spend

Syndica provides an unrivaled feature set that helps you build better DApps.

Access scalable RPC nodes in minutes

With just one line of code, gain access to the most powerful Solana RPC node pool in the world.

Advanced logging means full observability

Get X-Ray vision into your DApp’s RPC calls to optimize user experience and gain audience insights.

Get actionable insights into your DApps

Surface insights, measure user engagement, and track performance metrics using robust analytics.

Plug-And-Play Into Web3

Easy To Use API

A few lines of code instantly gets you access to scalable RPC node infrastructure, advanced logging, and actionable insights.

Using Solana Web3 API

1const web3 = require("@solana/web3.js");
2let connection = new web3.Connection("https://solana-api.syndica.io/access-token/<ACCESS TOKEN>/", 'confirmed');
3let slot = await connection.getSlot();

Using curl

1curl https://solana-api.syndica.io/ \
2-X POST \
3-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
4-H "X-Access-Token: <ACCESS TOKEN>" \
5-d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"1", "method":"getHealth"}'

Welcome To The Cloud Of Web3

Scale Your DApp On Auto-Pilot

Load balancing between elastic nodes means your infrastructure is autonomously managed.

Fault-Tolerant Network

Our intelligent API gateway actively administers our elastic nodes to ensure network resiliency.

Daily RPC Calls
Effortless scaling
Network Uptime

Speed Up Your UI

Lightning Fast Account Index API

getProgramAccounts is no longer a strain on your infrastructure. Our custom-built API speeds up this RPC method by 10x.

Fastest Connection To An RPC Node

Minimize Latency With Dedicated Nodes

If you’re optimizing for latency, use a ‘Dedicated Node’ to get the quickest ping and response times in the Solana ecosystem.

Get Up-And-Running In Seconds

In just a few clicks, get a dedicated node in your region, deploy it, and start making requests.


Select Region


Select Hardware


Automatically Deploy


Start Making Requests

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